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How to Grow Your Wealth, Protect Your Capital and 
Earn Up to 8% Investing in Mortgages
If you're a Canadian Investor with $10,000 or more to invest, 
download your FREE investor package today to see how you can earn returns of up to 8% 
while protecting your capital by investing in carefully selected, high grade mortgages.

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 Tri City Group is proud to work with the following institutions:
Your Investor Package Will Show You:

Why mortgages, if chosen properly, protect capital like no other investment.

How you can earn up to 8% by investing only in top grade mortgages.

How to hold your mortgage investments in your RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, or RESP.

Which properties are the best class to hold mortgages for.
Are you only invested in stocks and real estate?
Both of these major asset classes are subject to the ups and downs of their respective markets. 
Well selected mortgages on the other hand can provide a higher degree of safety, without the same risks.
See How Mortgages Can Play A Role in Your Portfolio - And Get Answers To Your Most Important Questions.
Before you invest your hard earned money, you're going to have questions. Inside your investor package you'll see answers to questions like the ones below. 
  • How safe are mortgages to invest in? What’s the risk?
  • How does the real estate market affect my investment?
  • What is the ideal loan to value ratio?
  • What happens when I take money out of a mortgage investment?
  • How long do mortgage investments last? How long are loans for?
  • What is the minimum amount that can be invested?
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See What Our Investors Are Saying:
"There is a lot less volatility, the dividends are great and the fact that it can be in a registered account is a bonus. I have been investing in the stock market for 20 years and I would be way farther ahead had I invested in a fund like this or real estate."
- Michael Sjerven
"I'm a low risk taker and I like the fact that Tri City has a fairly large pool of very small mortgages. Because I'm low risk I appreciate the fact that I feel my money is being well used and conservatively invested."
- Kathryn Hammond
To get answers to the questions above, and to find out if mortgages 
are a good fit for your portfolio, fill out the form to request your investor package today.
Request Your Investor Package Today
100% Privacy Guaranteed
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